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Hello my name is Nikola, aka sigil, and I've been playing League for over 5 years.

The season I started playing (S3) was the season I finished as platinum 1, and hitting master in season 4, which took hard work, dedication, and most importantly, the drive and mindset to improve but it was a very real and achievable task.

Ever since hitting master/challenger ELO in season 4, I've consistently reached the highest of ELOs throughout all of the seasons including season 8.

I have vast competitive experience, both playing and coaching for a multitude of regional / semi-professional teams.

I am very up to date with the newest developments in the metagame, which champions and counter-picks to watch our for, and also have knowledge of a lot of sleeper strategies / matchups that none of the analytics websites can accurately show you.

Some additional info about me : I've also been a very high tier level player in many other games such as achieving gladiator in Legion season 2 and 3 in World of Warcraft, reaching Grandmaster tier in Overwatch (3rd competitive season), multiple Legend finishes in Hearthstone, Global Elite in CS:GO and Champion tier in Battlerite.

As you can see from my achievements, gaming surpasses a hobby for me, it is my passion, and I wish to pass on the many things I've learned during this period of hardcore gaming to other people who may not have had the luxury of playing games day in, day out.


  • Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, Support coaching, whatever you wanna play, I'll help you play it even better

  • Knowledge of what to pick and when is the best time to do so

  • How to increase your soloQ winrate but also become an overall better player

  • Macro level, what objectives to prioritize on the map, how to plan your next move in advance and what minor things to sacrifice in order to get a major advantage

  • Micro level, combos, tips & tricks for your main champions and how to become a true master at them

  • When and where to trade, skirmish or teamfight

  • Optimized build/rune paths for any champion you wish to master, based on your current and future skill level

  • Pushing your advantage, finishing games and making short work of your opponents


Overall, anything that I write here can't give you an exact idea of the ways I will help you improve as a player.

Pick an hour with me, and I assure you that you will not regret it.

Find out first-hand how I can help you improve your overall play, mindset and perhaps most importantly, winrate.

Don't worry about those 60 minutes passing, I'll help you out until we finished the whole segment.


1 Hour Lesson:

We'll talk about your goals as a player, what you wish to improve / specialize on, and after we come to a conclusion, we proceed to analytical side of things. We can check out a replay or a VOD, where we can see some of the more common mistakes being done, and what you can start improving on. I can also stream you / or we can hop into a game so I can show you how some of the things you wanna do / improve on work in practice. After this we can do a short list on some of the crucial things to improve on.

2 Hour Lesson:

Our 2 hour session will include all of the things from the 1 hour one and will additionally provide us with enough time to focus on more roles, champions, macro and mechanical advice tailored to your pool of champions and overall playstyle.

3(+) Hour Lesson:

In our 3+ hour session I'll be able to teach you many different segments of the game both from a strategic and live-gameplay standpoint. In these lessons, I'll help you in the understanding of pretty much all aspects of the game, from miniature mechanical plays, when and where to move around the map and roam, when to invade, when to trade, how to manage your minion wave, in-game mentality and ultimately be able to single-handedly carry a lot of the games you might have previously thought are unwinnable.

I'll see you soon

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Feel free to add and contact me on any of these media:

-SKYPE: dzonipetroni
-DISCORD: Ruin#5681

Any questions will be quickly answered and any sessions swiftly booked, thank you and have a wonderful day!





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r******** (10/10/21 19:45:21)

(after 2 hours)

Mental Refreshed

p************** (20/09/21 14:26:58)

(after 2 hours)

Awesome coach, went over a lot of topics and over the 2 hr limit just to talk about my mistakes and what I could have done better. Highly recommend!!! ++

t******* (09/08/21 18:37:10)

(after 2 hours)

Great session talking through my bad habits.

b************ (18/07/21 22:04:19)

(after 3 hours)

Great Coach, we went through a few games that felt pretty hard lost early but the main focus was my gameplay not my teammates. I felt very night and day from my first game compared to my second. I felt so much more active and not time wasting most of my time. I always felt that I was learning on the go and there is so much for me to gather each game and put the knowledge from the coaching into the games that I play from now on. Recommend Ruin 1000%, absolute wonderful coach and really easy to get along with and understand fundamentals on what needs to happen in the game.

k***** (15/07/21 16:59:43)

(after 3 hours)

Was really helpful even left me notes to try and remember

r******** (06/07/21 20:22:16)

(after 3 hours)


a****************** (05/07/21 22:26:21)

(after 15 hours)

As always top coaching experience!

a****************** (15/06/21 18:35:17)

(after 3 hours)

As allways imformativ and fun

a****************** (12/06/21 23:18:02)

(after 6 hours)

Another awesome session, as allways very imformativ and fun

r******** (24/05/21 22:36:51)

(after 3 hours)


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