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Coaching all servers
Аbout me:
Grandmaster level player, got Master 200lp on EUW with a 65% win rate vs grandmaster/challenger top laners - Jax OTP. -
I would say that i am the best or second best Jax mechanically in EUW.
Current account is diamond 1 75% win rate

I have watched the best Jax players around the world so i know everything there is to know about Jax.
Why should you play Jax top if you already dont? Jax is probably the best soloQ top laner right now to play/master. He has the fewest countermatchups
and with shojin can 1v9 a lot of games.

**What to expect from the coaching session:
**Obviously in one hour, or even a few coaching sessions i cant teach you everything about Jax, i can however set you up on the right path to master him.
He's not a hard champion to learn.

**Coaching options:
**Vod review / Live game review. I would sit in a call with you and we do the coaching that way.
I believe that Vod review is the most effective.

We can arrange a discount if you buy multiple sessions




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