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My name is Daniel, i am 28 years old from Portugal. I play league for 9 years, and during this years i have achieved a lot of goals in this game, played in my country 5v5 scene at a pro level and reached Master tier on EUW server 4X peaking at 300ish LP.
I also streamed on twitch for 3 years, and gained a lot of coaching experience through that platform, since my goal was to teach viewers everything i know and help them achieving their goals.

Usually my lessons go 1 of this 2 ways:

  • We watch together replays of your past games.
    -We go through everything, runes, summoners, builds, matchups and then everything about the game itself.

  • We play X games together and we review them after.
    -We go through everything mentioned above and we do a more short review of the game.

My goal is that after my lessons my students are able to continue improving on their own by reviewing their own games and being self-critic about themselves. That is the only way to reach the top, is to keep improving and learning everyday.

I am really friendly, and i will answer all your questions with pleasure :D
I have a very flexible schedule to suit my students.
Even after your session we can stay in touch if you have any other questions or need more help.

Discord: Nani#2604




s********** (11/03/19 21:01:06)

(after 3 hours)

Fun session and learnt a lot.

s********** (11/03/19 17:26:24)

(after 5 hours)

Really fun and awesome coach.

s********** (10/03/19 20:20:40)

(after 4 hours)

Great session.

s********** (10/03/19 15:27:26)

(after 5 hours)

Great session. was really fun.

s********** (09/03/19 21:17:13)

(after 5 hours)

Great coaching session.

s********** (09/03/19 21:11:58)

(after 5 hours)

Great coaching and learned a lot about the game.

s********** (07/03/19 19:37:30)

(after 5 hours)

Learn a lot. He is a really good coach.

s********** (07/03/19 14:30:59)

(after 5 hours)

Great lesson it was very fun.

s********** (06/03/19 17:19:45)

(after 5 hours)

Great session had a lot of fun and learn a lot.

s********** (05/03/19 15:09:34)

(after 5 hours)

Had a really fun time and learn a lot about the game. I feel like i'm improving my mentality every day and that makes the game more enjoyable as well.

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