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Send Message Discord: Coatpustmain#9618

SoloQ Experience

Europe Nordic&East (Peak) :
Challenger EuNE Season 5 / Season 6 / Season 7 / Season 8 / Season 9 / Season 10(Around 500-800LP)
Challenger EuNE Season 11 (1450 LP)
Former Rank 1 Challenger EuNE Season 7 / Season 8 / Season 11

Europe West (Peak) :
Master Tier EuW Season 6 / Season 7 / Season 8 (Around 0-300LP)
GrandMaster EuW Season 9 (Around 500LP)
Challenger EuW Season 10 (Around 450LP)
Grandmaster EuW Season 11 (Around 675LP)

Coaching Experience

Since January 2017:
I've done over 1900 hours on my coaching session
I had over 500 students until this moment.

I'm Coatpustmain, Aka. CPM, 27 y/o, Professional League of Legends Player/Coach. I started playing League of Legends at the end of Season 2. For any questions, please contact me on Discord: Coatpustmain#9618


1 hour session: In this case we will Review one of your games and I will explain you The Core Information about your Role.
2 hours session: This is the Recommended Session. (Details Below)
3 hours session: This is the Best Session. (Details Below)
BONUS: If you have Patience, you are the right person for my session!


Q: "On Which Regions can you provide Coaching?"
A: "I can provide coaching on: EUW, NA, EUNE, TR, RU, LAN, LAS, BR, JP, OCE"

Q: "On Which Roles can you provide Coaching?"
A: "I'm a coach for soloQ Players on all roles: Top, Jungle, Mid, ADCarry, Support. "

Q: "Can you provide coaching for teams ?"
A: "Yes, I can. I will do a special offer for teams."

How does the session work?

(for minimum 2 hours session)

Our session will be like this:
First Step (25-50 Minutes)
You are going to play one or two games so I can analyze your strengths and faults, what are you doing right, what are you doing wrong, your biggest problems and what you can Improve on !
If you have a good PC and a stable internet connection: I will spectate through the share screen on Discord
If your PC doesn't support the Share screen: I will spectate through the LoL Client or we will review some of your games that you played in the last days.

Second Step (20-40 Minutes)
I will explain you The Core Information about your role. We will compare what you did in the game with what you should do in every single game. Also, I will give you notes, so you can review them after the session.
If you have any question, you can ask me without any hesitation.

Last Step (30-120 Minutes)
After we did the ENTIRE SETUP, you are going to play more games to see the improvements right away. Game after game we will focus on Perfecting your Playstyle.

Special Cases
I would like to play with you some games to Coordonate you on the map to make you understand How to abuse your advantage and How to play in difficult situations.

Mechanics Problems
If you have problems on your Mechanics on your Main Champion, we might go into the Practice Tool and I will teach you some Mechanics on your main champion.

Contact / Social

The best way to contact me for coaching is through Discord, but you can use Skype or Twitter as well!
Discord ID: Coatpustmain#9618
Skype ID: Lavidaan

My schedule is flexible. Let me know of a time that suits you and I will accommodate for it.

Standard Lessons on our Session

  1. How to abuse your advantage | How to carry a game

  2. How to lead a team to victory

  3. How to ward | Ward Tricks | Leave the lane and use your movement for your advantage | When to Recall

  4. How to farm better | Counter Farm | How to handle your economy

  5. How to communicate with the team | Game Calls + Tricks

  6. How to push the lanes | When to join your team in the teamfights

  7. [Champion Select] Tier of the moment | Counterpick

  8. [Theorycrafting] Runes | How to build | What do build

  9. [GamePlay Analysis] Spectating the game | Analyzing what you're doing wrong



Purchase (15€ / hour)

t****************** (14/01/22 22:05:39)

(after 3 hours)

Very great 3 hour session. Went over my games to see what I was doing wrong vs right. Helped me improve my decision making skills and vision control. Taught me how to effectively track enemy jungler and set up winning lanes. Would definitely recommend again.

y********* (12/01/22 19:47:24)

(after 1 hour)

Very usefull and interesting coach, i've learned a lot and he explain all details in lane timing back etc, he makes a summary that we can keep too that we can read again ty again!

v*************** (04/01/22 15:53:08)

(after 2 hours)

Amazing lesson! Learnt so much from him. He spectated a game to see where I am. He gave me a game plan that worked very well in the live game we played, and he taught me what to do in every scenario. 10/10

t********* (03/01/22 18:31:16)

(after 1 hour)

Am invatat o gramada de lucruri noi

t********* (03/01/22 18:30:47)

(after 2 hours)

Totul a decurs frumos, am invatat foarte multe lucruri noi

c**************** (21/11/21 17:14:22)

(after 3 hours)

an excellent coach

t************ (19/11/21 11:00:01)

(after 3 hours)

Very good coach, gave me list of what I have to do and how to abuse my advantage. We jumped in some matches and told me how I should play and how I should position myself to win the game. He pointed out my mistakes and explained to me why I shouldnt do them. Thank you for a great coaching session!

g******** (31/10/21 21:14:03)

(after 1 hour)


g******** (31/10/21 21:13:57)

(after 1 hour)

review la un replay de la un meci trecut, comentat greselile, prezentat cele 6 reguli esentiale

C******* (31/10/21 18:12:22)

(after 2 hours)

Was a really good session the main focus was on movements on when and where to move depending on the situation at hand. The most important thing ive learned during the session was movement out of the spawn and ward placements which i feel will help climb the ranks. I like how every information we went over Coat sent me material to look over just incase i forgot anything. Highly recommend for coaching session.

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