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Hello, my name's Alex aka Chaos and I've been playing League of Legends since mid season 2 and started taking it seriously around season 6 when i started reaching higher elo on EUW.

Few basic things about me

  • My main role is jungle

  • I reached EUW diamond 1 with 70% winrate in season 9

  • I've played on a regional semi-professional level for a couple years and have a deep knowledge about the game on different roles

What to expect from our coaching sessions depending on your ELO

  • Understanding the fundamentals of the game such as masteries, build paths

  • Match-ups

  • Wave management

  • When to roam and when to abuse laning phase

  • Winning conditions depending on your champion

  • How to push your lead towards winning

  • How to play from behind




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Great lesson

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