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MASTER/CHALLENGER in the past seasons, both in SOLOQ and 5v5's. My goal is to improve your gameplay and to teach you HOW TO CARRY and HOW TO END A GAME!
Coaching for ANY SERVER!
Hello! I am Sergiu! I started playing League of Legends back in preseason 2. In 6 months I was already Challenger on EUNE. That’s the moment I realized I could do more and I moved my account to EUW and got D1 99 LP pretty soon and when Master tier arrived, I won my promotions pretty fast and even got challenger. I created a team and we won several tournaments, both online and LAN. In season 5 I decided that I want to become a booster and a coach and that’s what I’m doing right now, as a job.
The high experience in Warcraft and DOTA helped me get the high rank fast when I started playing League.
I can teach ANY ROLE in League of Legends at Master level because I play this game every day and it’s a big part of my life, being very passionate and dedicated towards getting better and helping people get better with my knowledge. By playing every day, it’s pretty clear that I can teach you how to play ANY CHAMPION and I can share a lot of information about any role that you’d like to learn/get better at.
In our coaching lessons, YOU WILL IMPROVE:


  • Details about meta in the current patch, what champions should be banned/prioritized/learned

  • How to counterpick(both your laner and enemy teamcomposition in general)

  • Keystone/Runes

  • Summoner Spells, according to enemy team composition and what you expect to get from the game( if you want to roam harder, splitpush more etc)

  • GETTING THE RIGHT BUILD every game, according to your team’s composition and enemy team’s composition


  • Improving mechanical skill on whichever champions you’d like to master, because there exist TRICKS and COMBOS on every champion in league that most people do not know and for sure do not expect.

  • Mechanical skill can be improved both in games( I review your games and you review my games with the same specific champion and I talk you through every thing I do in terms of mechanical gameplay and not only) – THAT’S FOR SPECIFIC SITUATIONS OR can be improved in Practice tool mode – THAT’S FOR GENERAL SITUATIONS. Both should be mastered!


  • Farming technique

  • How to control minion wave in your favour( when to push, when to freeze)

  • How to trade efficiently with your opponent

  • Where to place your vision wards and your pink wards

  • What to do if you got the first tower

  • What to do if you lost the first tower

  • How to predict their jungle pathing in order to avoid the gank

  • How to position in the lane depending on your jungler and what vision you have on map

  • Jungle pathing for every champion you want

  • Approximate jungle timers for every champion you’re against so you know if you should invade him at level 3 or not

  • Where and how to gank/countergank/set up vision for your laners

  • Use or keep smite in certain situations

  • Stealing drake/baron technique for every champion


  • How and when to roam

  • MAP VISION. Best places to use vision wards/ pink wards.

  • Objectives calls according to where enemies are positionated on map and what vision you have around the objective

  • Where to get vision around objectives SAFELY before calling the objective

  • How to position yourself in teamfights according to what you have to provide for your team(tank,dps,burst,peel,engage etc)

  • Target focus

  • How to correctly call a baron when ahead/behind


A Standard coaching session would look like:
Discord/Skype for voicechatting
First of all, there will be a discussion about what is your aim for the coaching session (what you exactly expect to learn). We’ll talk about what role you want to put more focus on, what champion/s you’d like to master, keystones/runes(depending on counters, enemy picks), summoner spells, what to do if you get hard countered on lane etc.
Secondly, I spectate a live game and I analyze all of your GOOD THINGS and BAD THINGS so you know what you have to keep on doing and what you have to change. I will explain how and why what you did is good and I will teach you why is it a mistake what you did and how to change it into a good thing, what you had to do in that specific situation. After the game is done, we will go together to each timestamp there has happened an important thing, whether GOOD or BAD. After that, we’ll go into a custom game where I’m gonna present you a lot of things about what warding means, how it helps, WHEN and WHERE to ward. Also, for jungling, I’m gonna show you the best pathing and give you a lot of info about every champion’s pathing you’d like to know. After that, we’ll do more GAME REVIEWS and I talk you through what you changed IN GOOD so you realise you got to keep on doing those specific things and what THE MISTAKES you still have to change. We will also play duoq games to teach you LIVE what to do in those specific situations, when&where to roam/gank, how to play the map from ahead/behind, best spots to ward etc.
After talking about laning phase and macro play, all we have left is learning how to END THE GAME, which represents a big and crucial part of the game.
That’s how a standard coaching lesson would look like, depending on what you need to improve. Whatever questions you have, at any time, will be answered. Also, I never end a lesson exactly at 60 minutes if you still got unanswered questions or the review takes longer. With patience, we will solve every problem you have in order to BECOMING A BETTER PLAYER and getting your WINRATE pumping UP.
Add me on skype: filipsergiu or on discord: sergiu22#1822 to discuss whatever more you’d like to know about the coaching session!



Purchase (20€ / hour)

b************** (18/05/22 13:20:18)

(after 2 hours)

Very detailed review i liked and recommend the coach :)

C*************@GMAIL.COM (10/11/21 23:06:28)

(after 3 hours)

Great coaching experience.. especially jungle but good macro for all rolls

v*********** (07/05/21 12:59:49)

(after 1 hour)


v*********** (07/05/21 12:58:18)

(after 1 hour)


v*********** (03/05/21 10:46:36)

(after 3 hours)

A+ coach very insightful

S******** (05/03/21 17:01:01)

(after 2 hours)

Great coaching, 1v1s helped a lot.

v*********** (10/09/20 11:04:11)

(after 3 hours)

A+ coaching very insightful - highly recommened

f********* (17/02/19 23:35:36)

(after 2 hours)

Check my review from last year for a more details. After a year, was still able to build on what we had talked about previously, would recommend to anybody of any skill level looking to improve both general and specific play.

d********* (18/10/18 21:37:47)

(after 1 hour)

really good

j**************** (07/10/18 18:07:13)

(after 2 hours)

Everything he promised was told to me bluntly accurate. Getting passed his tough demeanour proved that he was still accepting of actual feedback to the reasoning behind my decisions done in replays. Thank you very much.

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